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we are Remy Society, Remy Society are the creators of the Merbraid ™. 75g, 24″ of vegan hair attached with just one clip. Eco friendly, highest quality synthetic hair extensions

A little bit about the Merbraid

  • Cardio-proof braids for your workout
  • Merbraid™ – 75g, 24 inch hair extension attached with one clip
  • Easy to blend and style
  • High quality vegan synthetic hair
  • Currently available in 9 shades
  • See our tutorials for inspo

Some of our customers include Crossfit lovers, gym bunnies, yogi’s, girls who lift, guys who are bored with the ‘mun’, bikini models, body builders, beauty queens, selfie takers and everyday wearers.

Hair James working her Merbraids at the European Crossfit championships


At Remy Society, we pride ourselves at being as eco friendly as we possibly can. We are passionate vegans and plastic free advocates, therefore we like to reflect this in our products.  This is why we are introducing a new, high quality synthetic hair that not only sends a positive message for the world we live in but is also stunningly beautiful and easier on the pocket.

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